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Understanding the Impact of Moisture on Your Wood Furniture

The very environment you keep your wooden furniture can have a huge impact on its condition. Excess moisture can cause mildew and mold to grown on your wooden furniture, and this can be very difficult and costly to effectively remove. A too dry environment will dry out the wood. Initially, this may simply cause the wood to become pale and dull looking, but dryness will also make wood brittle and at risk of developing cracks. To keep your furniture in great condition, follow our suggestions from the furniture restoration professionals at Furniture Medic.

  • High moisture spaces such as bathrooms or the laundry room can create harmful conditions for your wooden furniture. Avoid placing wooden furniture in these areas.
  • Significant temperature variations in your home can also cause a too dry or too wet environment. Keep the temperature consistent for the best results.
  • In some climates, the moisture levels can be naturally too high or too low. Plug in a dehumidifier or other equipment to manage the moisture levels within your own home.
  • Avoid placing wet objects on wood surfaces. Use a place mat, coaster, or other item to protect against water.

If you do have damaged or worn furniture, you can always count on Furniture Medic by Cincinnati to fully restore it. We tackle furniture restoration projects big and small. Call us today to learn more about how we can help restore your furniture in the Cincinnati area.