Cincinnati  Furniture Restoration

Services Overview

To Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration, it doesn’t matter how your furniture and other wood-worked items around your business office or home have been damaged. It can be from general wear over time, children roughhousing, pets clawing and chewing items, or fire and water damages. Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration has all the necessary skills and expertise required to repair, refresh, and enhance a variety of woodwork and furniture items in homes and offices throughout Greater Cincinnati. Here is a preview of some of the services we offer.

  • Furniture Repair

    • Structural repair services
    • Veneer repair
    • Scratch and dent removal and repair
  • Furniture Refinishing

    • Removes water marks and restores color to items
    • Color matching
    • Antique restoration
    • Table and counter tops
  • Cabinets

    • Bathroom and kitchen cabinet restoration services
    • Color matching for cabinet refinishing services
    • Replacement services
  • Services for Commercial Businesses

    • Office furniture maintenance and repairs
    • Restoring conference tables
    • Renovation services
    • Commercial moving repairs
    • Furniture repair for restaurants, hotels, and event venues
  • Disaster Restoration Services

    As one of the leading furniture repair service providers in Greater Cincinnati, Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration offers our assistance to insurance providers and to those who have experienced unfortunate disasters such as water, fire, and smoke damage.

    Our specialists are experienced in working with insurance adjusters and are able to provide cleaning and storage services for our clients. We include the following services for fire and water restoration services.

  • Content cleaning service
  • Water damage restoration and repair
  • Fire and burn damage repairs
  • Odor elimination
  • Repairs for smoke damage and the removal of soot
  • Inventory services
  • Pack out and storage services