Commercial Services

Serving Hospitality, Office, Construction, and Retail Industries

Furniture Medic provides cost effective on-site solutions for your business. Our technicians can refresh conference room tables and hospitality chairs at a fraction of the cost of refinishing. We can enhance the image of expensive executive furniture by repairing wear and then polishing saving costly replacement. In addition to furniture, we repair millwork and commercial doors solving issues during the punch-out phase of a construction project. Many of our services can be performed in your facility in less than a day.

We offer solutions for:

  • Corporate Offices / Executive Suites
  • Reception Areas and Public Spaces
  • Retail Spaces
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Financial Institutions
  • Federal, State and City Level Municipalities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Country Clubs
  • Commercial Doors
  • Elevator Cabs

Some furniture becomes very special and significant over time.  Maybe it has belonged to you since the business was founded. Maybe it is a valuable antique or a piece to an entire matching set.  Cincinnati Furniture Restoration offers an alternative that is cost effective and convenient, relieving you of the expensive costs to replace office furniture and fixtures.  Whether it is a damaged conference table, worn furniture, or dented moldings, our technicians can revitalize the furnishings in your office back to immaculate condition.  We understand why it is so important for your furniture to be restored back to its former glory.  Whether you need just a small repair or an older piece restored, we are happy to help.

Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration’s commercial repair and restoration services include:

  • Conference table refreshes and refinishing
  • Office furniture refreshes and refinishing
  • Onsite furniture cleaning
  • Executive Suites refreshed and refinished
  • Color touch-up services
  • Receptionist areas updated
  • Customer service areas revived
  • Hard surface buffing and polishing
  • Structural repair and joint stabilization

Office Furniture Cleaning:

During the average work day certain types of furniture see more use than others causing them to get dirtier a bit faster or lose their luster.  Caring for your office furniture is easy if you stay on-top of it but, if you don’t, you can always call Furniture Medic to have your office furniture professionally cleaned.   Our technicians have the training and products to return your dirty or worn furniture back to its luster.  Furniture Medic can handle any task from nicks and scuffs to deep cleaning grime on your furniture. 

Cleaning your furniture regularly keeps furniture healthy and is the best way to ensure it will last for years to come.  Cincinnati Furniture Restoration recommends having your office furniture cleaned once a year in order to prolong the life of your investment. 


If it is time for your cleaning,  Cincinnati Furniture Restoration is here to make the process quick, easy and efficient.  Let us help you bring your furniture back to life. No matter the type of material, leather, wood, metal, laminate, we are here for you. 

Give us a call today for a tour of your facility to start a custom estimate for all your needs. 

Watch this video for our on-site commercial services, including door repair, chair refresh and a reception desk.