Cabinetry Services

If your cabinets are in “good” shape but just tired and worn, a great and inexpensive way to bring them back to life and become the focal point they are meant to be is cabinet restoration.  A refresh can do wonders for your kitchen, bringing back the clean and fresh look.  Need to go a step further?  A “refresh plus” may be the answer.

Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration can also completely change the look of your kitchen.  Tired of the color?  Want to go really dark or just change the stain color family completely?  Yes, this is possible.  This gives you a complete new look without a “full out” kitchen renovation AND at an enormous savings.

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Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration can provide your home or business office cabinetry services. We offer services such as refinishing, repair, re-staining and more for your cabinets to give them a fresh new look. Below are the services Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration provides for cabinetry.

Wood cabinets are prone to collecting grease and dust resulting in grime over time because of cooking and normal use of the kitchen.  Sometimes a good cleaning is what your kitchen needs but over time kitchen cabinets get worn, scratched, dented and discolored.  Rather than spending enormous amounts of money on replacing your cabinets in a full blown renovation, consider a more cost effective solution and completely change the face of your kitchen.  We offer three solutions for your kitchen makeover: Refresh – Refresh Plus – Refinishing

Refresh:  Are your cabinets overall in good shape?  Just a lot of grime and some minor wear and tear along with minor top coat issues.  A refresh may be all you need.  We come in and do a deep clean on your cabinets removing all the grime. And then we do minor color repair and lock in the color with a top coat as needed, finishing up with a polish to bring your kitchen back to life.  This is completed within a normal working day or less, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Refresh Plus:  Do your cabinets have some scratches and dings along with your topcoat fading and discoloring?  Furniture Medic can fix all these issues for you. We will come in and do all the deep cleaning before precision repairs are made and all color related fading from normal wear and tear and water marks are fixed.  After we make all the necessary repairs, we will apply a full top coat to give your kitchen cabinets lasting protection from everyday use.  In the end, your kitchen will look like new, fully refreshed.  This process typically takes one day may run into a second day depending on the size of your kitchen.

Refinishing:  Tired of the color of your stained cabinets?  Furniture Medic can give you a completely different look with new color.  The options are endless in updating your kitchen with this method.  The cabinets will be cleaned before the stripping process begins.  Any type of precision repairs will be completed and color of your choice will be applied following a protective topcoat applied twice for years of enjoyment.  This process usually takes about a week to complete.  

Change Cabinet Doors
If you want a simple, yet cost effective way to update your cabinets, consider replacing your cabinet doors. A simple cabinet door change can do wonders when it comes to updating the appearance of your kitchen.  With a large collection of cabinet doors and a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Furniture Medic by Cincinnati Furniture Restoration.

Updating Your Hardware
Much like changing your cabinet doors, upgrading the hardware on your cabinets can be a small detail that adds a lot of flair to your kitchen. Our experts at Furniture Medic can help you select the right hardware for your cabinets and install them to give your kitchen an updated look.

Other Services
For other services such as flooring, trim work, painting, and more, we can provide a number of speedy services through our remodeling division at Olde Fort Restoration.


Call for more details on this process and get your new kitchen started today!