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Commercial & Residential Furniture Restoration | Butler County, OH

Are you in need of furniture restoration services in Butler County, Ohio, for either your home or business? If so, consider the services of Furniture Medic by Cinti Furniture Restoration. We are a premier furniture and woodwork restoration and repair service provider for several items in your home or your place of business. Some of our services include refinishing surfaces, enhancement services (buffing, polishing, etc.), burn and water damages, and much more.

Our specialists have accumulated several skills and experience over the years and are equipped with advance knowledge of methods and techniques for furniture and woodwork repair.

If for any reason your property may have suffered from a disastrous fire or severe water damages, which your furniture was also affected, we’ll be more than glad to help assist and cooperate with your insurance carrier. We can provide emergency removal, cleaning, and storage services for all of your damaged furniture and woodwork valuables.

To learn more about the services we provide to residential and commercial properties of Butler County, Ohio, contact the Furniture Medic by Cinti Furniture Restoration office at (513) 721-1502.