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5 Don’ts When Restoring Antique Furniture

Antique furniture repair: Cincinnati may not be as famous as the Old South when it comes to classic furniture, but don’t get us wrong — we have plenty of beautiful pieces scattered around our fine city. Our furniture repair experts know their way around antiques as well. That is why we’ve put together a list of tips for antique furniture repair, for those who want to maintain their own furniture:

Don’t Clean It without Examining It
Typically, the first step in restoring a wooden piece of furniture is a thorough cleaning. But when you’re dealing with antiques, you have to stop and examine the piece first, because you might find a label instructing on how to clean the item properly.

Also, labels are a critical part of the provenance of antiques, and those labels can easily be removed. So examine your piece of furniture for labels or instructions first before you attempt to clean it.

Don’t Clean It with Wood Cleaner
Antique finishes weren’t always made of the same materials that modern finishes are made of now, and some (even the “gentle”) wood cleaners can mar the finishes on antiques. When you clean antiques, attempt to clean them with a soft-bristled brush and a soft dry cloth first and then resort to soap and solvents for tough stains and grime.

Don’t Strip It without Taking Pictures
Once it’s clean, take pictures of your antiques, including close-ups of every interesting, intricate, or delicate piece.  In the event that you mess up while cleaning or refinishing your antique furniture, you can send your items to us and we may be able to revert your damaged furniture back to what it should look like.

Have all the Hardware Pieces before Refinishing
If there’s anything not perfectly functional about your piece, you’ll want to repair it — but for an antique, that can mean a long, hard search for the right hardware pieces to keep it looking as original as possible. Get your hardware in line first, then do your refinish, then put it together the way it is supposed to look.

Don’t Hesitate To Call In a Professional
It is better to stop and spend a little time and money on a professional service than it is to attempt to maintain your antiques yourself and potentially damage them. If you want to keep your antiques in great condition without the risk of permanently damaging them, consider a professional furniture repair service provider like us.