Residential Services

Life is busy and oftentimes it’s your furniture that gets ignored.  Your puppy may gnaw the legs of a chair, a mover damages your bedroom set, or the kitchen table acts as a giant canvas to be drawn on. For any of these problems and more, Furniture Medic byCinti Furniture Restoration can help.

Services from Furniture Medic by Cinti Furniture Restoration gives you a cost saving alternative instead of having to replace all of your damaged furniture. Our technicians are experienced in furniture repair and restoration, and will have your furniture or any woodworked item look brand new for your home.

Furniture Medic by Cinti Furniture Restoration can help your home by providing:

  • Scratch and Dent Repair
  • Watermark Removal
  • Refinishing Services
  • Couch Repair
  • Color repair & touchup
  • Furniture finishing and polishing
  • Water-mark removal
  • Precision on-site furniture repair (nicks, scratches, and dents)
  • Cabinet Recolor, Refresh & Repair Services

If a task requires special needs or additional attention, we are able to bring the item(s) to our offsite workshop for repair and restoration services where we have a wider set of tools and equipment available. Trust Furniture Medic by Cinti Furniture Restoration, as we will care for your items as if they are our very own.

From restoring and repairing tables, armoires, dressers, and antiques to cabinet refinishing and more, our expert technicians, specially formulated finishes, and patented techniques are proven solutions for the needs of today’s homeowner.

On-site Precision Services

Our skilled professional craftsmen can perform many repairs in your home in a few hours. Scratches can be filled and polished, water rings, and dents removed. Our trained technicians can perform a number of repairs including:

  • Furniture Restoration & Polishing
  • Water mark removal
  • Scratch, Nick & Dent repair
  • Moving damage repair
  • Color touch up